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Commissions are still open!

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:COMMISSIONS information:

Simple 2-D humanoid character portraits are $5 per character. That means no background. :bulletyellow:Examples:…………
Non-humanoid 2-D characters are $10. :bulletyellow: Examples:……
Stained Glass Windows for either type of 2-D characters are $20 (I'm now making them 1600px by 1600px) :bulletyellow:Examples of my work:…

3-D characters or Live-Action character portraits done up as 2-D are $10.
Stained Glass Windows of 3-D or Live-Action characters (done up as 2-D) are $30. :bulletyellow:Examples of my work:…

Realistic "Photocopy" portraits are $30. Faces must be larger than a US quarter. :bulletyellow:Examples of my work:…………
With realistic portraits, please supply a photo and list any alterations you want. Let me know the emotion you want evoked in the drawing.

:bulletred::bulletred: No genitalia or gore. By that I mean I will do nude pieces so long as genitalia is covered. By gore I mean severed body parts, deep gashes that you can look into, rotting flesh, compound fractures, ect. Blood is fine. Fleshless skeletons are fine. I just can't stand seeing body parts that are supposed to be under the skin or body parts that are doing things they shouldn't. :bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Please send payment to on paypal. Thank you!:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Here's a list of COMMISSIONS I need to do (mostly a not to myself to keep track):
Blue means I need to do it. Yellow means finished, but waiting for technical stuff. Red means it's up!

:bulletyellow:Stained Glass for Allura
:bulletred:Stained Glass for Saika
:bulletyellow:Stained Glass for Vinyl Scratch
:bulletblue:"Rapunzel's Reflections"
:bulletred: Stained Glass for Star Flare
:bulletblue: Stained glass for "Kiwi"
:bulletblue: Kevin's character
:bulletblue: LoL Annie panels

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:I am still accepting COMMISSIONS.:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Here's a list of REQUESTS (Mostly a note for myself) :

Stained Glass Project:
:bulletblue:Briar Rose
:bulletblue:Mary Poppins

:bulletblue:PetiteMEL-BAKAChan's OC
:bulletyellow:Big Macintosh

:bulletblue:sky bison
:bulletblue:NoReasonToHope's ponysona

:bulletblue:Pridipdiyoren's OC's

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:I am no longer accepting REQUESTS:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

The difference between commissions and requests is that I consider commissions to be jobs. I try my best to get them done in a timely fashion. Requests are requests. They are wishes of what you would like to see me do, but I fell no obligation to finish them in a certain time frame. I do requests when the inspiration hits me.

Thank you so much for watching me everyone!


P.S. If you see something that missing from my commissions list, please comment!
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February 4, 2012


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