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Rant 1: I really want to play minecraft, but my laptop is old and only runs the game for 5 minutes at a time so i can't get too immersed in the game and I'm frustrated for a few minutes while I wait for my non-responsive java program to finally stop running so that I can try playing it again only to have it die five minutes later and I have to wait for it to stop being so DERP again! It totally stresses me out and I need to hire a masseur or something just so i can stop my back from existing as a slab of concrete! I would play on the computers in the school's computer club, but I'm a bit exasperated that my hard-earned castles keep getting erased due to the fact that the server I'm on keeps getting reset! Minecraft is such an amazing game, and I love it soooooo much! But the circumstances make it just so tiring right now! I need a new game outlet, but I can't think of one! Gah!!!!! :finally breathes in:

Rant 2: the Lorax. -SPOILERS- I had such high hopes for the Lorax, especially after Horton Hears a Who, but I was severely disappointed! Not because of the songs, which I loved, except for the ending one, not for the characters, which I also loved, especially the grandmother, but because of the pacing! Or perhaps the lack of subtlety! Or whatever! I don't like a lot of the filler parts. The parts that they invented for the movie. Don't get me wrong, I loved the city of Thneedville.  I thought it was really creative. But the over-all message was that if people don't care, things will only get worse. I didn't really get a sense that things were all that bad, at least not within Thneedville. There was no headlines of water or power shortages, all that they were going on about was the air, and it seemed not too bad, considering.  Also, THEY DID NOT NEED TO MAKE A VILLAIN FOR THIS MOVIE. It already had one. His name was the ONCE-LER. Yeah, he was reformed, and telling his story as a good guy (relatively), but for the flashbacks, HE WAS THE VILLAIN. And a complex one at that. He thought he was doing good. He only realized what he had done when it was too late. The song he sings, How Bad Can I Be, and the flashback scene directly after that proves what I'm saying. Overall, I just think the people who were working on this film could have done a boat-load better. They stretched out some scenes too much, but they did perfectly on rest of the timing. I also think they should have had the Once-ler tell the story about (insert a real name here) only to have it revealed later in the film that he was talking about himself. Why else would you have a character literally shrouded from view? To have him show his real face in a flashback 2 seconds later? NO! That's just lazy. And missing an obvious opportunity for drama that they didn't have to invent themselves! But, no they went the lazy route of making a villain who doesn't want trees to grow for his own selfish reasons. Stupid. And even if that was a good idea, the character, if he really wanted to, could have just killed the tree in the middle of the night while everyone was sleeping, or stopped producing fresh air in protest, driving the demand for it through the roof, since one baby tree cannot produce enough air for a town of people. Then the people would have killed the tree themselves just to get a clean breath. They already showed that the villain character would deface private property to get his way. And that he had complete control of the town. And then he suddenly had no power at the end. How did this happen, exactly? Because ALL the people in the town are easily swayed by the words of a kid. Lame. Also, if everyone in the town was working for that shorty, then a whole lot of people were suddenly unemployed at the end of the movie. Their entire economy just crashed. lol. :breath: I know it's a kids movie. But it didn't have to be garbage meant only for them. It could have been so much more. Timeless. Hearty. Vital. It could have been great. Unfortunately it just fell victim to lazy writing.

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suddenlyahat Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012
Kill a few none vital processes before you start. Might free up enough RAM to give you a few more minutes.
Akili-Amethyst Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
You mean like don't have any other programs open? Because I'd have nothing but minecraft open, and it still dies... T_T
suddenlyahat Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012
There's usually a few things running in the background that aren't absolutely necessary, things that start automatically on boot. Unfortunately, I've not run windows since Windows2000, so I'm pretty out of date of my knowledge about what is or isn't necessary nowadays.

Sorry I couldn't be helpful :(
Akili-Amethyst Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Ah I see.
No big, I think I just need a new laptop. It IS almost 5 years old, and running Windows XP.
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